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Innovation and Disruption: Driving Transformation

Disruptors challenge incumbents. They force the fundamental restructure of the markets they serve. Along the way, they fight to protect the culture, capabilities and vision that prompted them to be disruptors in the first place.

Healthcare is comfortable with innovation but pushes hard against disruptors who dare to disturb the status quo. Innovations in the form of new drugs, devices, algorithms, processes and payment schemes are standard fare. Improving the efficiency and effectiveness of how healthcare operates, navigating regulatory compliance, consolidation and competition is routine for incumbents. But disruptors, who dare to fundamentally alter the status quo are largely unwelcome.

The disruptive innovators challenging our industry see growing discontent among consumers and employers and the delivery system’s aversion to change. They are fueled by outside investors, media exposure to our misdeeds and self-dealings and proceed without worrying about consequences from incumbents.


Aurora Aguilar


Modern Healthcare


James Hereford

Chief Executive Officer

Fairview Health Services


Jaewon Ryu, MD

President and Chief Executive Officer

Geisinger Health


Warner Thomas

President and Chief Executive Officer

Ochsner Health System